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Is your digital product (app, software or website) reaching all of your customers?

Do you have an idea for an awesome app, website or piece of software?

Let’s schedule a time to discuss how to improve your existing product or develop your idea into a fantastic product to reach all your users.

The problem: Every single human being on the planet has times in their day, week and certainly their lifetime when their brain doesn’t work optimally. While many people think of accessibility as an issue for users with diagnosed disabilities, I believe all of your users benefit from cognitive accessibility features.

The solution: As a pioneer in cognitive accessibility, I have gathered a team that understands and values the learning and processing differences we all struggle with AND understands the commercial value of great technology that works for all your users.

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About Us:

Betsy is a Cognitive Accessibility Consultant and Subject Matter Expert helping you build Usable and Accessible Products, Podcaster, Author, Speaker, Trainer, and App Expert.  She leverages 26 years of experience as a Speech Pathologist working with older adults and people with a wide range of disabilities and ages to help companies use technology to improve lives of all people. She is a pioneer in cognitive accessibility.

Betsy and her team are passionate about working with organizations to develop fantastic tech products (apps, software and websites) to improve the lives of the users and bring more revenue to your business. Betsy has taken her extensive clinical experience working with people of all ages and abilities and applied it to product design and development.  Betsy believes we all have difficulties with cognitive functioning at some time in our lives. Whether a permanent acquired cognitive difference or a temporary change due to illness, injury or simply too little coffee or too little sleep, usable, cognitively accessible products are better for everyone.  A product that works for your weakest user is a fantastic product for all of your users.

We would love to help you reach more customers with a better, more usable product!

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