What I’ve Learned From Working With People With ADHD


I’ve the past two decades, I’ve worked with many people of all ages with ADHD. While they came to me for professional support, I’ve learned so much from them. 

Here is what I’ve learned: 

  1. They are creative – People with ADHD are often extremely creative. They can think in ways very different from “typical” people. As a result, they often can add tremendous value from the company they work for. 
  1. They are fun – People with ADHD are fun! They are often the people at work who are the life of the party. We all need breaks during the day and having a little fun during those breaks often makes everyone more productive.
  1. They want connection. They thrive with other people. – People with ADHD are often extroverts and thrive around others. They also often can forge relationships with coworkers and bring a work group together. 
  1. They need structure – People with ADHD do best with structure. Because they are not naturally organized or structured, a structured work environment is essential to their success. 
  1. They have big ideas – People with ADHD can think big. They use their creativity to think about projects in ways others may never think of. If you need to think bigger, brainstorm with your colleagues with ADHD. 
  1. They are brilliant – People with ADHD are often the smartest people in the room. Given their natural intelligence and their years of surviving with a brain that works differently than the norm, they often are more successful and persevere more than anyone else in the business. 

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