Struggling to Make Appointments and Manage Time at Work? Timer Apps for Workplace Accommodations for Employees With ADHD

Keeping track of time and making appointments on time is a frequent struggle for employees with ADHD (and many others!). With constant access to smart watches, smartphones and tablets, we also have access to timers. Instead of a traditional stand alone timer, we can now take our timers with us and use them where ever we are. 

Timers are extremely helpful and having a timer at your fingertips can encourage its use.  We often need encouragement to focus.  If you plan to work, write, meditate, or exercise for a certain number of minutes, it is easier to get through the task without becoming distracted if you set a timer.  Setting a timer for the amount of time you wish to work on a task can keep you focused on the task at hand. Other people with ADHD need to break focus as they can hyper focus on a single task and forget to move on to other projects or to look at their calendar for the day. Timers help in both situations. 

My Recommendations:

Clock on Your Device

The built-in clock on your phone should have a timer function.  On the iPhone, you can set the buzzer for a variety of different sounds, including songs that you own through iTunes.  

Time Timer by Time Timer LLC

Available for Android and iOS

Time Timer is a great timer app for kids or adults who need a visual timer.  This app is based on a physical product (also called the Time Timer) that has been used in classrooms for years. The app shows a visual representation of a clock face using a colored disk that increases as the timer counts down. The app is customizable and timers can be saved and reused.  

Timer+ by Minima Software LLC

Available for iOS

Timer+ is an app that works with your iPhone and Apple Watch and allows you to set multiple timers or stopwatches that run concurrently. It offers a variety of alarm types that can be customized for each timer or stopwatch. The timers can be reused many times. 

Timers, such as the apps recommended above, are inexpensive but powerful workplace accommodations. Accommodations allow people with a variety of cognitive abilities and differences thrive in their careers. 

Find out more about our software solution and support portal that enables employers to easily and inexpensively support their employees with cognitive differences and neurodiversity like ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism.

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