User Accessibility Case Study: ProFlowers

90982557-A271-4B60-9DA1-FE2493131099My sister recently sent me flowers. Due to Hurricane Harvey and the fact that I live in a flooded neighborhood in Houston, they took a while to get to me. The flowers didn’t last long but the packaging provided me with the perfect example of accessible and usable content!

I was tired from hurricane recovery when I opened the box. I also wasn’t wearing my glasses, so I was unable to see well. I don’t get flowers very often, which means I’m unfamiliar with how to care for them.

Luckily, ProFlowers provides excellent directions on their flowers. As I removed them from the box, I noticed they were in a water-soaked piece of foam. Just as I was wondering what to do with that, I noticed a big sticker on it that said:

This foam has kept your flowers fresh.
1. Discard foam.
2. Cut and rinse stems.
3. Put flowers in water.

I knew what to do, and I confidently threw away the foam! Next, I began to remove the outer paper on the flowers. Again, ProFlowers included a sticker that I couldn’t miss with directions. The font was easy to read. This one said:

Trim the stems to fit your vase and cut the stems at an angle.
Add flower food to fresh room temperature water.
Display flowers in an area without direct sunlight or extreme heat or cold.
Change water every other day.
Enjoy your flowers.

I was gaining even more confidence in how to care for these flowers! As I removed the inner wrapper, I saw the third sticker with more instructions. This set was impossible to miss, as it was holding the edges of the paper wrapper together. This one said:

Be Gentle.
Tear here and unwrap your flowers with care.
Please cut my stems and place me in water with flower food.
After 12 hours of drinking water, I will perk up and bloom.

The company also included easy-to-read directions on the flower food packet and a separate postcard with directions and specific instructions for certain types of flowers.

ProFlowers did all the right things with their content. The directions were placed on stickers directly on the product – the recipient couldn’t miss them. The instructions were short and direct. The font was large and easy to read. Important instructions were repeated.

Kudos to ProFlowers! While not all your customers are older adults, I am sure many are, and your packaging is perfect for them – and all of us!


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