Easy Tips to Up Level Your Website

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It is easy for a solo entrepreneur or small business owner to get a website up and running these days. With WordPress, SquareSpace, and other web hosting platforms, tools for creating your own business website are available and inexpensive or free. While consulting on website design, I have identified a few simple tweaks that will immediately level up your website.

Identify your brand colors and stick with them. It is important to stick with consistent colors for branding purposes. Your website will look polished and professional with a well thought out color scheme. Be careful to not over-use color. Using just a few colors will create a unified look. A general rule is to use a primary color for 60% of the site. Thirty percent of the site should use a contrasting color to the primary color. The remaining 10% of the site should be an accent color that complements either the primary or secondary color.
Identify your brand fonts and stick with them. I prefer only one or two fonts on a website. The accepted rule of thumb is three or fewer. If you are using different fonts, do not place similar fonts close to one another; doing so will look strange on the page. By identifying and sticking with a set of fonts, you will unify your branding and make it easier to create your website and other products.
Select your images carefully. If you are using stock photos, make sure you have the rights to use them on your website. I use primarily my own photos to eliminate the need for stock photos. Choose photos carefully, keeping in mind the culture and “feel” of your brand and the color scheme.
Identify your audience and create your website for them. Make sure your website solves your audience’s problem. Visit your own website periodically and make sure you are meeting the need of your audience. Update your content as your offerings change and as your audiences’ needs evolve.
Less is more. Provide plenty of white space and decrease busyness on the page. A simple website is elegant and easy to navigate.

By incorporating these tips, you can quickly and easily increase the usability of your website.

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