We are doing beta testing and need your help!!!  Read this post from my Facebook page and please help me gather data!

I need your help!
I am a speech pathologist turned software startup founder. I am developing a software to help employers support their employees with adhd, dyslexia, learning differences and autism (and the rest of us who don’t have a diagnosed condition but don’t all think or work the same way). I need data from all sorts of people – people with the above listed conditions as well as people who fit in the “norm”. Please help me by following the directions below! Thank you!!!

The first version of my software is done and I need your help. I need to collect as much data as possible for the second phase of development and that means I need to collect as many responses as I can. Please signup and complete the survey in my software tool. It is totally free and your data won’t be shared with anyone else. All questions are optional.

Click below to get into the software. When you sign up, please sign up as an “employee”. After you sign up, you have to check your email for the verification email and then login and complete the survey. If you want my suggestions on apps/software/tools that may help you be more productive, please note that on the final question. Thank you!!!!

Click here to login to our software: Click here

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We now have a software solution to help you enable your employees with ADHD, Dyslexia, learning differences and Autism to work to their strengths! We survey your employees and prescribe individualized supports and accommodations so they can work productively and feel valued.

Email us at betsy@forallabilities.com for more information or if you would like to be involved in our beta testing.

We also provide consulting and training:
Experts in helping you navigate the challenges of disabilities in the workplace – we are highly skilled at:

* Evaluating employee and employer needs vis-à-vis workplace accessibility issues
* Capitalizing on strengths of employees with both visible and invisible disabilities
* Guiding the implementation of reasonable accommodation solutions, including those mandated by the ADA (American with Disabilities Act)
* Developing effective disability awareness training for managers, staff, and employees.